Why Wockito?

Wockito is business card app, which allows professionals to make, share and manage the bunch of unorganised business cards, meeting notes/ conversation, follow-ups at one place. They can integrate business cards & meeting notes with their existing CRM and calendars. It reduces manual data entry and saves a lot of time.

360 - Digital Business Card

Add contact details, product details, brochures, social links.etc

Share card with anyone

Share selective information with anyone via SMS, email, and nearby cards.

Digitize paper business card

Take picture of paper business card and get a digitised card of the person with his social media links, industry details...etc

Nearby cards

Find professionals near you! See what they are looking for and expertise.

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An unorganized phone-book stores an inaccessible network

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Wockito changes the way you look at your phone book. It gives you a unique insight about each connection, turning it into a long lasting relationship.

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The History of Creating Value – How Humans Made Money In Different Eras

At this point in history, startup entrepreneurship has become the fastest way of creating value, and thus the fastest way to move upward in life. But this opportunity is unlike other opportunities humans had in history. Here is how you could create value before: You can see that Gross World Product (all the stuff the […]

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What Information Should I Put on My Business Card?

A good business card is not just a tool for giving your information out to prospects but an opportunity to connect with a new prospect on a personal level. A good business card is an extension of your brand that conveys the right information about who you are and what you do in a memorable, […]

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The Life Story of a Modern Small Business Owner!

It’s no surprise that small business owners always have a lot in mind – what are they thinking about? Here is the infographic on the tiresome but most exciting life of a small business owner aka budding entrepreneurs of our United States of America! Today’s entrepreneur manages quite a bit–not just balancing the books and […]

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10 Steps to Boost Sales Quickly and Easily!

There’s nothing more frustrating than having worked on a deal for weeks or even months just to have the prospect say, “You know, I’m not sure this is the right time for this project. Why don’t you check back with me in six months.” As soon as that sentence is uttered, the deal is essentially […]

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3 Major Reasons Why Digital Business Card Is The Next BIG Thing!

In today’s world of social media and smartphones, we are pro at socializing. Within seconds, we gather information about almost anything – leading businessmen, top clothing brands, or best dating match! The world business is climbing the Himalayas (not literally). Talking of business, all we can think of is the audience it reaches out to. […]

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5 Reasons You Need a Business Card In Your Smartphone!

Business Cards are very important for people who wish to network aggressively. Your personality is your business card and it leaves a lasting impression for you. Some use it to make a statement as it opens avenues for business you never imagined. Here’s the assortment of few reasons to make you aware of the importance […]

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10 Stupendous Business Cards From the World’s Most Successful People

Business cards were used to build a network and grow businesses. Not only have Albert Einstein and Wright Brothers used them, but so have Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump. For most people, business cards are still considered useful for first-time meetings. These 10 incredible business cards are of the most successful CEOs worldwide. They have […]

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Business cards are now user-friendly!

We’re tired of receiving those ‘pocket-friendly’ business cards with ugly fonts and shabby design. These poor business cards, after a period of time become mere pieces of paper piling up in our drawers occupying so much space! The same business cards can now become user-friendly. To create a brand personality of your business and also […]

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5 Tips for Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

With thousands of emerging startups, it’s difficult for the audience to quickly understand the uniqueness of each. Most often, your description about yourself or about the startup is too long and is misunderstood as ‘bragging’. How do you pitch so that people care about who you are? Imagine you’re in a business meeting and you’ve […]

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